Frank Hayes

“…marvelous.. rare casting demand: solo dancer with bear. The opening scene alone, with Reeber landing ashore in a small rowboat to the ambient sound of Stasis, is worth catching if nothing else”

– Willamette Weekly


of Foot in Mouth

“The piece is fairly short, but it packs a lot of wit, virtuosity, and some startling intimacy into that brief span.”

– Bret Fetzer the stranger


This is a Forgery

“Watching Seattle performer Amelia Reeber’s solo piece, “this is a forgery,” is to be engaged on the purely visual and sensual level; she has a lovely presence and her own fascinatingly idiosyncratic movement style. At the same time, it’s to be caught up in puzzles, spiritual quests, the play of puns and images, and the joys of the purely comic. She draws the viewer, one sly step at a time, into her own richly conceived world….She dances, moving alone, taking the space with her own authenticity. Video can sometimes dwarf or upstage a dancer. Reeber is not about to let that happen.”

– Mary Murfin Bayley, Special to the Seattle Times


“Amelia Reeber is one of Seattle’s shining modern dance stars—an artist who combines serious choreography cred with a wicked sense of humor and mad dance skills—yet she remains humble!”

– Brangien Davis, Seattle Magazine


“Amelia Reeber has an impeccable alternative dance résumé, performing with Deborah Hay and Pat Graney, co-founding Foot in Mouth, and continuing to be a gifted improviser and soloist. But what you don’t really expect from that serious background is how funny she can be……She’s the leading contender for my non sequitur dance prize of 2010.”

– Sandra Kurtz, Seattle Weekly


“Amelia Reeber is a master of timing…”

– Paige Richmond, Seattle Weekly


“Reeber’s movement was grounded, piercing and deliberate just like her set”

– Catherine Cabeen


“…delivered a rich and interesting multimedia performance…A clever and brilliant bit of choreography”

– Jeremy M Barker, Seattlest


“As a choreographer Amelia Reeber continually offers original dance ideas and sharply animated movements that angle forth form places of personal revelation. She pulls audiences to the edge of uncertainty before leading them into areas of self-discovery. As a dancer she combines finely honed technical skills with unique twists that can be ironic and comic, yet are always wryly intelligent.”

– Michael Meade, Author ‘The World Behind the World’