Photo by Steve KornI hope our time together can serve you in resolving pain, expanding your potential, and deepening in your authenticity.
With curiosity and joy, I’m here to support you and your unique process.  I will hold space for you to experience a deeper connection with yourself, your life, and be more comfortable in your body.
I offer you my gifts of presence, compassion, intuition, my love of creative process and knowledge of the human body.  Twenty years of experience in dance, creative process, and somatic inquiry inform my practice, as does my awareness of energy and Spirit.  Over the years I’ve had to dialogue with my own pain and injuries and create containers for transformation. This was a catalyst that put my interest in the healing arts in motion. The point of my own healing, work as an artist/facilitator/ practitioner is to be in right relationship, to be of service to others and the earth, and to support others in this as well.


Painting by Suzanne Malesovas…feel ready to dialogue with your body, mind, and spirit.
…are eager to witness yourself, observe feedback in your system, and incorporate positive changes.
…are willing to make this commitment to your wellbeing.
We can support the health of your body in order for it to move well, meet the demands of life, and to give your spirit agency. Let’s set out on a path to bring your heart, mind, body and spirit into congruency so life is easier and more joy filled.





– Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Certification Program taught by Lauren Christman via The Therapeutic Training Center

– Applied Spirituality

Studied Cross Cultural healing rituals, Intuitive Development, through Shamanism, and Ceremonialist training under the mentorship of Char Sundust of Sundust Oracle Institute

– Massage

Northwest Academy of Healing Arts. Deep Tissue, Injury Prevention, Swedish, and Treatment work.
Massage Credential MA 60501636
Intraoral Endorsement since April 2018

– The BodyTalk System

Modules 1&2: Fundamentals
Module 3: Principles of Consciousness
Modules 4/7: Biodynamics
Module 6: Macrocosmic BodyMind
Module 9: Matrix Dynamics
Structural Integration for BodyTalkers

– Dance

BA in Dance from the University of Washington. Focused studies in Modern techniques and Choreography.
Continued Education in Brain Dance, Improvisation, Performance.