“Amelia has a rare ability to perceive through her hands. With her rare insight, she is able to help me make shifts—sometimes subtle and sometimes profound—in my experience of myself. She is a skilled, knowledgeable and effective practitioner who helps me improve my health and well-being.”

– S.C., Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (cm)


“When I met with Amelia for the first time, I felt immediately at ease. I was nervous about trying a new way to work with my pain. The experience was very positive, and effective. I took away a sense of ownership and understanding of my body in an entirely different way. I recommend this “Bodytalk” for those who are ready to move forward from feeling stuck.”

– Jessica J.


“I came to Amelia with a few emotional as well as physical issues. During my first session she was able to find the source and give me relief. I experienced ongoing improvement for months afterwards. Whenever I feel stuck or in dis-ease I have returned to her. She intuitively knows how to take care with me and listen with her heart.”

– M. W.


“Amelia’s work through Body Talk and massage, has struck a cord of fascination for me. Relying both on the faith of the unseen intelligence of my body and the power of attention through this work, I am able to engage my minds strength and creativity to consciously explore my well being. Amelia with such grace, gentility and vast knowledge of the human experience leads me and my body (sometimes seemingly separate) back to wholeness with curiosity sparked and deep feelings of well being.”

– A.W. Hellerwork Structural Integration Therapy/SE


“I just received an amazing session of BodyTalk by Amelia Reeber. I feel like I’ve had a massage, yoga meditation, and spiritual reading all in one sitting. So peaceful and calming.”

– Liz O